Poster project

Here is a before and after of the poster project. It’s safe to say that I came a long way. The first one is too busy and the typography is messy. The second one is cleaned up, and way more interesting and fun to look at.


When researching some show posters, I realized I was really drawn to the posters that kept it simple. A clean, yet fun approach to this project is something I was going for which is why the typography with the information is so simple and clean at the bottom of the design. It really helps capture what I was looking to capture in the beginning. If a design is too busy, it makes people believe that the event itself may not be as classy or well put together. And for a jazz fusion band who dresses up in a suit and tie for each performance, you want people to take you to be classy and more serious. Yet, fun because Jazz fusion is way more fast paced and fun to go watch than regular jazz.

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Type and Image Book

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I found this project much easier than the first one. After going through the rest of the semester and getting more experienced with indesign and formatting a book, everything went very smoothly. Having images to fill up the spaces definitely … Continue reading

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Type Only Book

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Overall, this was my first book project and my first project dealing with a lot of type. After  completing my type and image booklet after this and taking a look back at this, I realize that there are so many … Continue reading

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Graphic Design Intermediate

Project 1: ID cards idcardgd-01

At first, I didn’t think that there was a way that you could make an ID card interesting. Before starting and doing research on what other ID cards look like I though this would be a disaster project — because you have to fit so much information in such a little space. After moving type around and making sure it was legible and interesting I’m really happy with my final design for this project. I used things like my favorite colors, fonts, and even the graphic design logo because I am a graphic design student. Not only does my card show who I am through the information written on it, but it also shows who I am through the colors, shapes, and styles used.


ID cards are usually poorly designed and aren’t too nice to look at. So, I decided to look at business cards for inspiration because they are well designed and have small type, similar to a ID card. Making a ID card with a business card in mind definitely helped me make a well put together design.


I believe this ID card shows who I am by more than just the words and information on it, the designs, colors, and content show who I am as well.

Project 2: iPhone App

grap juice tabloid-01

this was the start of the app project for me, and I was just trying to come up with a fun name. but the class and I agreed that it needed wine in the name. so, I made the necessary changes.

app itunes-01

iWine APP Niki Jones-01

Changing the name, and the color of the app really made it feel like it was made for wine. I really paid attention on how you would transition from screen to screen. As a wine love, I know that I would really love and app like this. Maybe I’ll buy the book on the syllabus and create it!





as always I started out with sketches and notes before getting into my designs and one of the hardest parts of this project was being able to choose a name for my app. the rest was so much fun to do.

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Final Designs

Before our changes



After our changes




the final design on the front had some minor changes such as making the paragraphs smaller so that they were more legible to the viewer. the inside changed completely  so that it would offer us more contrast to make for a more interesting design. Intially, the blocks on the inside where too plain at the bottom so we filled them up with a typography design with blocked even type that highlighted the most important parts of each part of the process. We also moved the blocks up so that they would be at eye level with the viewer. Overall, I think that we accomplished what we needed to with the project and I don’t have any complaints. The one thing that may need to change is the type treatment on the inside because professor inciong pointed out that the type is treated differently on the inside than the outside. Even though we used the same fonts for the type, we still have to be carefully about how we lay it out to make for a more cohesive design.

Besides that, I’m confident that my group  filled all the requirements for this project and this would definitely be something attention grabbing and informative that would give students a better understanding of what it’s like to be a graphic design student at Montclair state university.

After completing this project I can definitely say I know way more about exhibition / display design. Before beginning this, I had no idea that this is something graphic designers even helped with. I learned more about group work, and construction which are both things that are extremely important to know as a graphic designer because we will always have to make mockup and collaborate with people we may have never even spoken to before. This also taught me how important it is to continually mock things up during each stage of the project, so you know how things come together and you get a better sense of what needs to be changed so that you don’t end up having to redo the whole thing because something wasn’t working out. This has been a very helpful project and has opened my mind up to the other career possibilities in the field.


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Project 3 Research


















After researching different types of display design I was amazed at how different they can be in both size and design. It was also really cool to see how the designs were sketched out before being brought to life.


Display Design


(oformitel’skoe iskusstvo), a field of the decorative arts that includes the temporary festive decoration of streets, public squares,

and industrial sites; window dressing; and the design of decorations and displays for demonstrations, public holidays, athleticevents, parades, and various types of exhibitions.

Display design makes use of the expressive resources of architecture,sculpture, painting, graphics, theater, film-making, and lighting. It thereby provides the most large-scale examples of a synthesis ofthe arts. Display design interacts with the existing architecture but, in contrast to it, usually has agitational content. In addition,display design is similar to stage design.

However, in traditional theater the set and other visual elements are perceived from asingle external point of view,

that is, the audience hall, whereas in display design the spectator is usually inside a multidimensionalspace, such as an exhibition, or becomes himself a participant

in the artistic resolution of the action, as in a demonstration.

information about the faculty and staff that will show up on the inside of our design:



I took a look at an article about display design as well as the montclair’s graphic design section on the website this information will give us everything that we need for the copy that will go both inside and outside this display design.


montclairs branding and typography information:

this really helped us get a look and feel for our design. we already had a brand identity we just had to follow it and make it our own design.










industrial design has a lot to do with display design depending on what kind of display it is. industrial designers have to create spaces people can interact in just like we have to do for this project. these photos are just for some inspiration.



I took a look at some industrial design videos to see how they go about their process because we have to sketch and create 3d objects for this project just like industrial designers do.





i looked at a lot of swiss style posters to help give me an idea of great ways to use a grid and make type look more interesting. making the type interesting yet still structured is important so that people will want to look at it but the information still stays organized.



again, i wanna keep the type structured yet still interesting which is why it may be a good idea to use a grid system in our design.

Audio/video: I know the vintage look is not something we are going for in our designs but it’s cool to look into a typographers mind and process to see how things get done to get the designs where they need to be.


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Project 2 Sketches and Comps

Scan 1    Scan 2

Scan 3

I started out with sketches of all of my logos, and different ways I would be able to package the wine bottles.

As they moved onto the comp stage I had more of an idea of where I was going with this project. I really liked the type in the first one but the class decided I should move on with the second concept because the box that the wine would be packaged in is more interesting than the left one; which is the normal, generic, wine box that mini wine bottles are always packaged in.


As I went on to create my close to final designs for the comps I realized that I didn’t really like how they looked and that there was a lot that I had to change.

After rethinking the design, I came up with something more clever, visually pleasing, and not as big and annoying to carry around.


the top of the box will have a handle so that the consumer is able to carry this box around.

after getting this box critiqued, I fixed the busy text that was taking away from the wine labels on the bottles.

it isn’t  mocked up yet, but here is the finished box design:

take 4-02.jpg

Final Design


Here are the final designs for my wine bottles, wine box, and van. I was pleased with them at first but the critique opened up my eyes to a few problems my packaging has. For one, the professor said they don’t really come off as wine bottles, they look more like soda bottles. I can see where he is coming from but I was just trying to do something different. I’m sure with more time, and more feedback I would have been able to fix the problem. Either way, I’m still happy with the designs themselves because I feel like they’re attractive even though they don’t seem to portray a wine bottle design very well. I have to keep in mind for next time that even if I want to make it different I still have to follow the same rules the other products in my research follow as well.


Packaging design seems like something that is very fun to do, especially because you can create your own product shape as well as the design. I was really proud of the final structure design of the box. I came up with it entirely by myself, and getting measurements right hasn’t always been the easiest thing for me. Even though I’m disappointed with how my final project turned out I still feel like the project really taught me so much more about graphic design that I didn’t know before.



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