Project 2 Sketches and Comps

Scan 1    Scan 2

Scan 3

I started out with sketches of all of my logos, and different ways I would be able to package the wine bottles.

As they moved onto the comp stage I had more of an idea of where I was going with this project. I really liked the type in the first one but the class decided I should move on with the second concept because the box that the wine would be packaged in is more interesting than the left one; which is the normal, generic, wine box that mini wine bottles are always packaged in.


As I went on to create my close to final designs for the comps I realized that I didn’t really like how they looked and that there was a lot that I had to change.

After rethinking the design, I came up with something more clever, visually pleasing, and not as big and annoying to carry around.


the top of the box will have a handle so that the consumer is able to carry this box around.

after getting this box critiqued, I fixed the busy text that was taking away from the wine labels on the bottles.

it isn’t  mocked up yet, but here is the finished box design:

take 4-02.jpg

Final Design


Here are the final designs for my wine bottles, wine box, and van. I was pleased with them at first but the critique opened up my eyes to a few problems my packaging has. For one, the professor said they don’t really come off as wine bottles, they look more like soda bottles. I can see where he is coming from but I was just trying to do something different. I’m sure with more time, and more feedback I would have been able to fix the problem. Either way, I’m still happy with the designs themselves because I feel like they’re attractive even though they don’t seem to portray a wine bottle design very well. I have to keep in mind for next time that even if I want to make it different I still have to follow the same rules the other products in my research follow as well.


Packaging design seems like something that is very fun to do, especially because you can create your own product shape as well as the design. I was really proud of the final structure design of the box. I came up with it entirely by myself, and getting measurements right hasn’t always been the easiest thing for me. Even though I’m disappointed with how my final project turned out I still feel like the project really taught me so much more about graphic design that I didn’t know before.



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