Final Designs

Before our changes



After our changes




the final design on the front had some minor changes such as making the paragraphs smaller so that they were more legible to the viewer. the inside changed completely  so that it would offer us more contrast to make for a more interesting design. Intially, the blocks on the inside where too plain at the bottom so we filled them up with a typography design with blocked even type that highlighted the most important parts of each part of the process. We also moved the blocks up so that they would be at eye level with the viewer. Overall, I think that we accomplished what we needed to with the project and I don’t have any complaints. The one thing that may need to change is the type treatment on the inside because professor inciong pointed out that the type is treated differently on the inside than the outside. Even though we used the same fonts for the type, we still have to be carefully about how we lay it out to make for a more cohesive design.

Besides that, I’m confident that my group  filled all the requirements for this project and this would definitely be something attention grabbing and informative that would give students a better understanding of what it’s like to be a graphic design student at Montclair state university.

After completing this project I can definitely say I know way more about exhibition / display design. Before beginning this, I had no idea that this is something graphic designers even helped with. I learned more about group work, and construction which are both things that are extremely important to know as a graphic designer because we will always have to make mockup and collaborate with people we may have never even spoken to before. This also taught me how important it is to continually mock things up during each stage of the project, so you know how things come together and you get a better sense of what needs to be changed so that you don’t end up having to redo the whole thing because something wasn’t working out. This has been a very helpful project and has opened my mind up to the other career possibilities in the field.


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