Graphic Design Intermediate

Project 1: ID cards idcardgd-01

At first, I didn’t think that there was a way that you could make an ID card interesting. Before starting and doing research on what other ID cards look like I though this would be a disaster project — because you have to fit so much information in such a little space. After moving type around and making sure it was legible and interesting I’m really happy with my final design for this project. I used things like my favorite colors, fonts, and even the graphic design logo because I am a graphic design student. Not only does my card show who I am through the information written on it, but it also shows who I am through the colors, shapes, and styles used.


ID cards are usually poorly designed and aren’t too nice to look at. So, I decided to look at business cards for inspiration because they are well designed and have small type, similar to a ID card. Making a ID card with a business card in mind definitely helped me make a well put together design.


I believe this ID card shows who I am by more than just the words and information on it, the designs, colors, and content show who I am as well.

Project 2: iPhone App

grap juice tabloid-01

this was the start of the app project for me, and I was just trying to come up with a fun name. but the class and I agreed that it needed wine in the name. so, I made the necessary changes.

app itunes-01

iWine APP Niki Jones-01

Changing the name, and the color of the app really made it feel like it was made for wine. I really paid attention on how you would transition from screen to screen. As a wine love, I know that I would really love and app like this. Maybe I’ll buy the book on the syllabus and create it!





as always I started out with sketches and notes before getting into my designs and one of the hardest parts of this project was being able to choose a name for my app. the rest was so much fun to do.

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