Poster project

Here is a before and after of the poster project. It’s safe to say that I came a long way. The first one is too busy and the typography is messy. The second one is cleaned up, and way more interesting and fun to look at.


When researching some show posters, I realized I was really drawn to the posters that kept it simple. A clean, yet fun approach to this project is something I was going for which is why the typography with the information is so simple and clean at the bottom of the design. It really helps capture what I was looking to capture in the beginning. If a design is too busy, it makes people believe that the event itself may not be as classy or well put together. And for a jazz fusion band who dresses up in a suit and tie for each performance, you want people to take you to be classy and more serious. Yet, fun because Jazz fusion is way more fast paced and fun to go watch than regular jazz.

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